Special Report On Climate Change And Land

The following discussions on international land use cover a selection of definitions and combined categories. It is subsequently helpful to understand the differences between land use terminology; for example, the definition of “arable land” versus “agricultural land”. As a distinction to arable farming, land use for livestock in Europe and South Asia, particularly, is usually less than 20 percent. However, most continental regions have countries the place pastureland reaches close to half of total land area. If we view the map in “chart” mode, we see how the allocation of land to agriculture has modified over time across the worldwide areas. The share of land used for agriculture has been slowly rising across many of the world’s regions over the past few decades.


The response choices assessed face a variety of obstacles to implementation (economic, technological, institutional, socio-cultural, environmental and geophysical) that require motion across a number of actors to overcome . There are a wide selection of response options obtainable at different scales that might type portfolios of measures applied by different stakeholders – from farm to international scales. However, the land and meals sectors face particular challenges of institutional fragmentation, and infrequently undergo from a scarcity of engagement between stakeholders at different scales . For adaptation and mitigation all through the food system, enabling circumstances have to be created via insurance policies, markets, establishments, and governance . Without inclusion of comprehensive food system responses in broader local weather change policies, the mitigation and adaptation potentials assessed on this chapter will not be realised and food security shall be jeopardised . Increasing human pressures on land, combined with local weather change, will reduce the resilience of dryland populations and constrain their adaptive capacities .

Policy frameworks promoting the adoption of SLM options contribute to addressing desertification in addition to mitigating and adapting to climate change, with co-benefits for poverty eradication and meals security amongst dryland populations . Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality policies allows populations to avoid, cut back and reverse desertification, thus contributing to climate change adaptation with mitigation co-benefits . Strengthening land tenure safety is a important component contributing to the adoption of soil conservation measures in croplands . On-farm and off-farm livelihood diversification methods improve the resilience of rural households in opposition to desertification and excessive climate events, such as droughts .

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The mixture of pressures coming from local weather variability, anthropogenic climate change and desertification will contribute to poverty, food insecurity, and elevated disease burden , as properly as potentially to conflicts . Although robust impacts of climate change on migration in dryland areas are disputed , in some locations, desertification under changing climate can provide an added incentive to migrate . Women shall be impacted greater than men by environmental degradation, notably in those areas with greater dependence on agricultural livelihoods . Reducing unsustainable use of traditional biomass reduces land degradation and emissions of CO2 while offering social and economic co-benefits .

  • Lack of action to handle land degradation will enhance emissions and reduce carbon sinks and is inconsistent with the emissions reductions required to restrict international warming to 1.5°C or 2°C.
  • Large areas of monoculture bioenergy crops that displace other land makes use of can outcome in land competitors, with adverse results for food manufacturing, meals consumption, and thus meals safety, in addition to adverse results for land degradation, biodiversity, and water shortage .
  • In the following sections you’ll find disaggregated information for cropland and grazing land change over time.
  • Some of the synergies between response choices and SDGs include constructive poverty eradication impacts from actions like improved water management or improved management of provide chains.

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There is robust evidence that many other response options can deliver co-benefits across the vary of land challenges, but these aren’t being carried out. This restricted software is proof that a quantity of barriers to implementation of response options exist . Attribution of desertification to climate variability and change, and to human activities, varies in house and time . The major human drivers of desertification interacting with local weather change are enlargement of croplands, unsustainable land management practices and elevated stress on land from population and income development. Poverty is limiting each capacities to adapt to local weather change and availability of financial assets to spend cash on sustainable land administration . About 21–37% of complete greenhouse gasoline emissions are attributable to the meals system.

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